Sunday, February 20, 2011

Purple Martins

For a very long time I've wanted to be a landlord to Purple Martins.  They are such beautiful birds and they are endangered.  They have to rely on "humans" for their survival. 

Last year I decided that I would try to attract them to my yard. I put up a Martin house that attracted Swallows and House Finches, but no Martins.  In late May, I decided I liked the look of gourds.  I had read that lots of people use them successfully.  I put up four gourds on a pulley pole and, lo and behold, on the third day I had Martins checking out my offerings.  One Purple Martin kept coming back and soon I noticed he was hanging around a lot during the day, calling out for a partner.  Soon, he attracted a female Purple Martin who decided to stay.  A couple of weeks later, they started building a nest in their gourd.

After several weeks, sometime in June, I found five eggs in my Martin's gourd.  They had started a family.

I named my first couple Adam and Eve.  Of the five eggs that were hatched, three of them fledged (became full grown Purple Martins and learned to fly).  I was soooo excited that I was a successful landlord.

It feels good to know that some of the things you have done to provide for and nurture God's creatures were successful.  The joy comes in the providing and nurturing as much as it does in the success.

It's time, now, for a new attempt at attracting these marvelous creatures.  Adam and Eve should be back in a couple of weeks and, hopefully, will be bringing a few of their friends with them.

With God's help and a little luck, another family will make their home in Kat's Kountry. :-)

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