Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Worry

Yes, I'm a worrier.  I seldom admit to it.  I don't like it. It does not make me feel good or make me proud, but I am a worrier.  I worry about big things, little things, ridiculous things and, most of the time, things I have no control over, which is just about everything!

I worry that my grandkids won't have as nice a world to grow up in as I did.  Come to think of it, my world wasn't that great either.  We had wars, assassinations, poverty, injustice, discrimination, inequality - just to name a few.  My personal world wasn't something to write home about either, as 'they' say. 

But I do remember slower times, times when there were actually no shows on the TV.  Yes!  Only test patterns.  I remember times when we could go outside or down the street to play without worrying about those who prey on little children.  Sometimes we would be gone all day; gone to the pool, to the movies, to the library, to a friends house.  As long as we were home by 5:00 PM, or so, the police weren't called and there were no posters up on telephone poles or on the sides of milk cartons.  Now, it seems, there are really no safe places.

I worry that my kids will have to work until they're 100 years old before they can retire with enough savings to support themselves and have health care.  I worry that my younger grandkids won't be able to afford a decent education.  If I were wealthy, these things wouldn't worry me as much, but they would still worry me. 

I worry that I'll become a burden to my children if my health doesn't prevail or if I simply get too old to care for myself.  If my health should fail, I worry about who will care for my husband.

You see.....I told you.  I'm a worry wart.

I wish I could put all of these things in the Lord's hands every day and let them go, knowing that one second of worry won't prevent any of the above things from happening.  Some days I can do that better than other days.  I know I 'should' be able to do it all the time.  But, I can't.

And then, I pick up my favorite book.  Right there in 2 Corinthians, chapter 9, verse 8, it says,

"And God is able...."

Will I believe that?  Yes, for tonight.  But tomorrow I'll need to know that again.  Is that a worry or memory problem?  Oh no...memory problems, too!

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