Thursday, February 10, 2011

And then Came Health Issues

I don't think anyone likes to have health issues.  I have some that I've successfully treated for many years with medication, diet, etc.  Recently, I'm having to look at some more serious issues.  I won't really know how serious until next week, but the particular issues concern my heart. 

As I consider that I might possibly not be as healthy as I thought, that I might have some limitations brought on by things other than age, I get a little scared and a lot worried.  I know that "they" can do a lot these days for problems with the heart and that gives me some comfort.  I also know that there are things that I have to take care of, and look at seriously, before some major testing next week.  Things like an Advance Directive.

I have an Advance Directive and as long as it stays in my Safe with my Will and other legal documents, I don't give it much thought.  But now, today, I read it and found that it's a lot more important and controversial to me that it was before.  These things are a tad scary when you weigh their importance.  I know that I need to take it seriously and I need to search my "heart" and my soul until I feel that it comfortably expresses my wishes and that I've taken it serously enough.

Until now, when I've thought about my heart, I've thought about emotions, feelings, spiritual and ephemeral things.  Today, my heart became a physical thing, not just the seat of my soul.  It became something that performs life giving and life sustaining functions.  It became something that can "literally" be broken.  I don't like that.


  1. Hello Kat. A look into the core of you! I am so very sorry you have this new health issue to deal with. When we are young, we feel invincible, and even knowing the years are adding up, we continue to cling to our inner power. It takes a big TROUBLE to tear down that shield for us to look into the face of reality. You will be in my thoughts and prayers this week. As soon as time permits, please send a short note so we can breathe again...for you see, we will be holding our breath! Stay strong, my friend. Much love, Elizabeth