Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Hard to Say

It's hard to say what bothers me most about tomorrow's hospital procedure.  Just the thought of someone looking inside my heart is an awesome thought.  I want to know what he finds there and pray that all is as it should be ... as God made it.  I know the surgeon can't see 'the thoughts of my heart', but he can see the beat.  That's awesome in itself!  If he could see the thoughts, what would he see?

I hope he would see love there.  Love for my children and my children's children.  Love for my husband, who sent me two dozen roses yesterday and chocolate-covered strawberries today and who is my true partner in this life.  I  hope he would see love for my God, my Creator, my Heavenly Father.  I pray that he would see concern for those less fortunate than I, both physically and in any other way.  I know that there are those who need this procedure but can't afford to pay for it and don't have insurance.  I know that there are those going through much more difficult and delicate procedures than mine today.

I trust that my surgeon will remember that I'm a unique human being.  That God created me and that I am deserving of all the care and attention that he can give and was taught to give when he learned how to look inside hearts. I pray that, if mine needs 'tuning up', he can do it or pass me along to someone else who can.

I hope he knows that loved ones are waiting for me and praying for me and wanting him to be kind and patient and precise when he looks at my heart and all those veins and arteries.

I want to thank him in advance for taking the time to look me in the eye and see my spirit.  Yes, I saw that in his eyes during my office visit. :-)

Most of all, I want to thank God for watching over me all these years and for knowing that He will be watching tomorrow, also.

Just Me.

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