Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Once Upon A Time

        "Once upon a Time" used to be a phrase that set my heart afire. They were four words that held promise and potential...the promise of an exciting story that would transport me to worlds unknown, or the potential for learning a valuable life lesson from wise ones who had gone before.

         Today, those four words have a whole new meaning. Once upon a time I could see my feet by simply turning my eyes downward. Today, I have to look in a full-length mirror or, heaven forbid, bend forward and fight vertigo to see my feet.

         Once upon a time I leapt out of bed, anxious to begin a new day of adventures. Today I roll to one side, bring my legs forward slowly and hold on to the mattress as I push my sluggish body up, over and out. New adventures mean a trip to the health food store or bookstore for the latest weight loss food or bestseller.

         Once upon a time brushing my teeth meant simply that...grabbing a toothbrush and brushing my teeth. Now, I take my teeth out to brush them and pray that they don't slip out of my hands to the floor because I left my glasses in the next room and don't want to step on my teeth to look for my glasses.

         Once upon a time a shower was just a shower. Today it's necessary hot water therapy for bones and joints that are simply there to hold together a body battling the ravages of gravity. Most days the water works (no pun intended) and gravity loses.

         Once upon a time clothes were purchased and worn to show off the body. Today, clothes are purchased and worn to hide things. Shoes were worn to complete an outfit or show off a slender ankle and well-turned leg. Shoes are now purchased and worn for one purpose protect and support. Forget fashion! Just give me a shoe that won't rub, callus or contort my fallen arches and I'll pay you a whole month's social security check.

         Once upon a time food was a treat...something to look forward to and prepare with happy heart and taste buds. Today, food has been reduced to fiber, low fat, good versus bad carbohydrates, no sugar and tons of antioxidants. When I go out to eat I have to look for the items with the healthy heart next to them on the menu or turn to the back of the menu for the Senior Citizen offerings.

         Although "Once upon a time" now brings feelings of nostalgia, if I'm lucky, it will continue to do so for many years to come.

The End

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