Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Day of Nothings

When you're retired, like me, there are some days that are filled with "nothings".  I try to look at my day and see what stood out to me and, finding nothing, I have to look harder.

There were errands to run:
1. Return Blankets to Kohl's
2. Pick up a couple of things at Petsmart
3. Check out sales at Peeble's - have $10.00 Peeble Birthday Check to spend.
4. Purchase a Whistle

The blankets were ordered online and simply weren't what I was looking for.  Hannah was getting low on Dental Bones and Granulated Bones and I wanted to find a new poop scoop, a metal one.  I had this $10.00 check from Peeble's that I received on my birthday and it's expiration day is Feb. 28th., so I had to use it. I wanted a whistle to scare Starlings away from my bird feeders and my Purple Martin gourds.

All of the above were accomplished, but I didn't find a metal poop scoop.

I added Sunflower Seed to my bird feeders since all was blown away by yesterday's wind.  I also decided to close the entrances on my gourds until the Purple Martins are spotted.  Which will be soon, I hope.  I don't want House Sparrows or Starlings nesting in my PM house or gourds and I don't want them to get accustomed to even being nearby.  They are predator birds and seek out Purple Martins for their eggs or just for "lunch".

I've spent time on my other websites, (Kat's Korner) at and at my Facebook account.

I've read and responded to my email, checked out credit card charges and done a lot of thinking about the woes of finding something interesting to write about everyday. 

My conclusion is that,

Some days are just filled with Nothings, which on closer examination are still "Nothing Days."

We need these days sometimes.  I don't know why we need them, but I'm grateful for the nothingness of "Nothing Days".

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