Sunday, April 24, 2011

Memories - Blessing or Curse?

I think our memories are both ... a blessing and a curse.  At times, we gloss over the curse memories and embellish the blessing ones.  But, you know what?  I don't think it really matters.  They are OUR memories, they made us who we are today. 

When you get down the road a few years, you'll have memories that are made today and wonder the same thing - blessing or curse?

We need both.  We use both to plan our direction, to set our feet on the paths we want to follow.  Maybe we can just take the lessens learned from all memories or events and use them to make ourselves and our world better.

I would love to hear some of your memories. 

Just click "Comments" and tell me about the memories you would like to share.

I'll start:

I remember when my sister and I used to get up every Saturday morning to watch "The Big Top" circus on television.  We didn't have one of our own, so we had to go next door and watch on a neighbor's TV.  I think my love of the circus started then.  Circuses don't seem to hold the charm for me these days like they did back them, but they were enchanting, daring and exciting to a 7-year-old!


  1. Remember "The Inner Sanctum" on radio. I never missed an episode which reminds of Robert Conrad as "The Lone Ranger" on radio and that reminds of Kate Smith which then reminds me of Perry Como while that... "This is WWVA radio, Wheeling West Virgina. Welcome to the Grand Old Opry!"

  2. Yes! Don, I remember "The Lone Ranger", but not "The Inner Sanctum". I do remember "The Shadow" or "The Shadow Knows". Remember that one?

    I remember waiting for Kate Smith to come on. That was after we had our very own TV and I think she came on about 4:15 in the afternoon for about 15 minutes. Before she came on, there was just a "test pattern".

    I also remember Perry Como and, yes, the Grand Ole Opry on the radio!" I still love the Grand Ole Opry, but it's not like it used to be.

  3. My sister was about 19 in the 50's when she went to Pittsburgh to a skating competition she was skating in. She got on the bus in East Liverpool and noticed some guys in the back and a lot of musical intruments. Being attractive, the guys talked to her. Then, they sang to her for most of the trip. The group was Perry Como's and he sang to her. She was on cloud nine virtually forever.

    Yes, I remember the Shadow. I do remember the test pattern too before Kate Smith. Cuckla, Fran and Ollie (not sure of the spelling)and Jimmy Durante "Mrs. Callabash (spelling suspect), whereever you are." How about Lash La Rue? Good grief... memories!

  4. Sung to by Perry Como? What a treat that must have been and what a great memory!

    Lash La Rue was one of my favorites and also Jimmy Durante.

    How about the "Show of Shows". For some reason I just remember the name but not the content? Ring a bell?