Friday, January 13, 2012

A Nut for Pens?

Blue ink is definitely best for writing. On my desk, in front of me, are a variety of pens (about 50). I have a (small) obsession about my writing pens. Maybe even OCD. Can’t even write my grocery list without just the right pen! Oh, yes, I even know when just one pen is missing!

I know it’s crazy but here’s where I indulge myself in my craziness. There are certain colors best for certain writing. Blue ink is best for creative writing, especially the blue-ink disposable “fountain pens”. Yes, disposable fountain pens! I have to order them on-line, but they are simply the best. They write smoothly and come in different colors. They last forever, if you write as little as I do, but the ink flows smoothly and the nibs aren’t scratchy.

Now, there. Not too up tight about my writing instruments, huh?

I could go into my writing preferences for other types of writing, but don’t want to bore you or have you think that I’m truly crazy.


  1. So now I know where I get my obsession with pens...I love the Pilot C-2 .07, and ONLY that one. It is the perfect pen for me...and no one else in my house is allowed to even touch it! I have to have one near me at all times or I get panicky and have to go looking for it...even if I'm not writing...

  2. What happened to what i wrote yesterday??????

  3. Vanda, this is the only comment I see from you? I was only sent one to approve?

    So sorry this is happening...don't know why.