Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Purple Martin Goodbye

My Martin year is almost over,
And I know it won’t be long
Until I find myself listening,
For that beautiful Martin song.

While they go to spend their winter
In climates much, much warmer.
I stay and plan for next year
And miss those little charmers.

I love each one like it’s my own
And try to show them I’m their friend.
But before I know it, they are gone
And I’m looking for them back again.

I hope they had a good year,
Raising chicks in my backyard.
I tried to make it easy,
But, it was sometimes very hard.

They had to watch for predators,
While I placed safety measures
In spots they couldn’t see
To protect their little treasures.

I did the best I could
And lessons, hard, were learned.
So next year, I can tell myself
Their presence has been earned

I’ll say ‘goodbye’ as they head south,
And feel the empty place
That’s created in my heart
For “they” can’t be replaced.

“So long”, Mom and Papa’s
“So Long” little fledges,
Be safe in that long flight
To more exotic places.

I know that Brazil is the spot
Where you fly and eat and grow.
I hope that you remember me
Next Spring, I’m sure I’ll know.

I’ll be the one looking out
Of that window to your world
Where the gourds are bright and shiny
And the wait will be no more.